The benefits of recycling

Recycling is not to tap into the natural resources by using waste as raw materials to produce new products. Every time we throw waste, we throw a piece of the planet! In fact, it is an effective way to save energy and protect the environment.


Trade of scrap is the oldest recycling network in the world. The scrap steel is a material which can still be reused without any loss of quality. The network recovery of metals is a very well organized area.
We can save by recycling 1 ton of metal:
1 ton of iron ore
0.5 ton of coke
9 months of energy consumption of a resident
6 months of water consumption of an inhabitant
120 kgs of crude oil


Aluminum can indefinetely bes recycled. The packages are sorted crushed then melted to produce new raw material. This production requires much less energy than one made from bauxite. Indeed, making aluminum from recycled materials requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum.
We can save by recycling 1 ton of Aluminum:
2 tons of bauxite
1 year of the energy consumption of an inhabitant
Water consumption of an inhabitant in 5 months